General Information Edit

Akemi-Tan is a horror game where you play as a village girl named Shimoda Shimoko. Her village is protected by the Ou, and they require a daily offering. When it is Shimoda's turn, she eats some of the offering. Soon after, strange things begin happening. This game has many chase scenes and jumpscares.

Endings Edit

There are two endings: the normal one, which you receive after finishing the game, and the true one, which you need to replay the game for. Spoilers are below.

Normal End Edit

In the normal ending, the village elders are looking for someone to punish for eating the Ou's offering. Ebiko confesses to Akemi and Shimoda that she ate it and it is revealed that Shimoda wanted to eat it but decided against it. Akemi chooses to sacrifice herself in place of Ebiko.

The Ballad of Akemi (Akemi-Tan) - THE TRUE END

The Ballad of Akemi (Akemi-Tan) - THE TRUE END

True End Edit